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Do you need to re-create missing WooCommerce default pages in your WooCommerce online store? If so, this tutorial is for you.

During installation, WooCommerce creates the Shop, Cart, Checkout and My Account pages automatically via the Setup Wizard. Sometimes users skip that part or maybe accidentally delete the pages after creation.
It is very easy to install them back. Follow below steps to re-create these key WooCommerce pages

  1. Go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Status
  2. Click on Tools tab from the top left area
  3. Scroll down to “Create default WooCommerce pages
  4. Click on Create Pages
  5. After successfully completing the above steps you will see this message “All missing WooCommerce pages successfully installed.”
Missing WooCommerce Pages

This is the easiest and safe way to recreate the missing pages. But you can achieve this via manually inserting WooCommerce Shortcodes too.

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